Bespoke Life-sized 8K Display for unparalleled clarity


Delivering unmatched detail,  the combination of 8K Ultra-HD resolution and a mammoth 120-inch panel creates an incredibly immersive effect—putting you right inside the scene. SHARP 8M-B120 is packed with 33 million pixels achiving a screen resolution 4 times higher than a 4K panel.


Sharp 8m-b120c

8k biggest tv 120 inches by sharp






Enveloping realism with HDR

SHARP 8M-B120C's image-processing engine restores the wide luminance data recorded in the HDR (High Dynamic Range) standard. Images are then optimally displayed on the high-contrast, low-reflection panel, reproduced with a realistic sense of depth and texture.

120 sharp biggest largest tv 120 inches






SHARP 8M-B120C is a single panel and non-modular screen. With 0.3mm pixel pitch, it provides an extraordinary viewing experience. The viewer can stand very close to the display and relish the crystal clear content.
8K 120 120-comparison


Unlike SHARP 8M-B120C 8K 120" display, most large screen displays are made of multiple modules combined together. The pixel pitch of these are larger, offer lesser clarity and the pixels can be seen from near the display

Non-modular vs sharp 8mb120c





4K and Full-HD content can be upscaled to 8K

Sharp’s super-resolution technology analyze video signals to work out the details that are inherent in the original subject and reconstructs minute details. This enables 4K and full-HD content to be upscaled to 8K. You get clear, ultra-high-resolution images.







Life-sized 8K display reaches far and wide


sharp 8m120c

Corporate board rooms

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Office spaces

sharp 120 inches 8k


sharp 8K 120"

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